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What's *your* problem with the internet?

My problem is the lack of empathy.


  • Manager   •   over 2 years ago

    I think empathy is a really good root cause for many of more of the surface level problems. I would say one of my biggest problems is the degree/lack of context behind much of the communication done on social platforms.

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    The internet has this tricky problem where more users = less context.

    Take Bitcoin for example. Ten years ago if you transacted with a stranger using bitcoin, you actually knew a lot about them because you had to be a huge nerd to even know what bitcoin was, let alone have some. I believe that's what you mean by context, right?

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    I think it meant feeling more humanly connected to others. Beyond what you know or intuit about them. The human quality of interaction

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    I think we need a new definition of empathy and love. We need a new power in the world that will fundamentally change our attitude towards human communication.
    The definition of human communication has changed in the present age. We must look for this definition
    I hope we find it

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    Pooya, I hope you find a megaphone

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