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over 2 years ago

Get Feedback on your Idea from Mentors!


I am reaching out to let you know scheduling time with one of our mentors for the Hackathon is now open!

These mentor sessions are an incredible opportunity to get feedback on your ideas, early designs, or ideas. Our mentors have a ton of experience across tech, product, design, and can valuable in refining your hackathon project!

So who are the mentors?

  1. Reggie James, Founder & CEO of Eternal.
  2. Zohaib Ahmed, Founder & CEO of Resemble.AI
  3. David Jay, Head of Mobilization at Center for Humane Tech
  4. Fahim Abouelfadl, PM at Betaworks.

Note on who you might try and connect with...

  1. If you're building a project in the AI space, try and connect with Zohaib on Tuesday.
  2. If you're building a consumer-facing product, try and connect with Reggie on Wednesday.
  3. If you're thinking about how to design products more intentionally, connect with David Jay on Thursday.
  4. For general advice connect with Fahim on Friday.

You can book a time slot to connect, here. Please be mindful and only book one slot. 

That's all for now!