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over 3 years ago

REMINDER RSVP: 'Fix The Internet' with Nathan and Mat

Hi All,  

Today's workshop will be facilitated by Nathan and Mat from Greater Than X. They'll be running a workshop about ethical actions for startups. They'll be using a Mural template that you will get access to. Rather than using hypothetical examples for the activities, they'll use their new platform, Greater Than Learning. They'll demonstrate their approach to governance and incentives, specific technology and data processing decisions they've made, and highlight design outputs that have resulted from rethinking the metrics that matter most. These types of actions can help us fix the internet.   You can check out their Here's How To video series on YouTube, access some of Greater Than X's tools and resources or read a more detailed report on these topics ahead of Thursday. What's more important than pre-work is the mindset you approach this workshop with. Be open. Be willing to ask questions. Get excited to participate. We'll see you there!