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over 2 years ago

UPDATE: Deadline for Submissions Extended to Sunday [8/30]

Hi Everyone,

After some consideration, we've decided to update the submission deadline for Sunday, August 30th at 11:45 PM EST. 


  1. We've been incredibly excited about the reception to the hackathon but found that many participants are still thinking about ideas and as a result, it created a time crunch on submissions. We'd like to give everyone a chance to participate even if they didn't come into the hackathon with an idea set.
  2. Many of the participants have yet to find a team to work with and we think some more time will allow for teams to further form!
  3. We'd like to give all the participants time to further develop and work on their projects. While we were not worried about the polish of ideas and prototypes in this hackathon, we found it important to give you the space you needed to be happy with your submission!

As a result of pushing the deadline to 8/30 at 11:45 PM a few other things will be shifting as well:

  1. Demo session, we'll be pushing this to next Friday, 8/28. 
  2. Winner announced will be released at 8:00 AM EST on Thursday 9/3. 
  3. Nothing about submission requirements has changed other than when you can submit.

You will be able to find all the updated details on the calendar as well!


Please email