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over 2 years ago

VIDEO RECORDING: "Fix The Internet" with Nathan & Mat

Hi All,

In case you missed last weeks' "Fix The Internet" event with Nathan and Mat. I have attached a video recording of the event you can watch, here. Here is a note from Nathan on how to best use the materials...

We'd suggest that individuals and teams wanting to run that workshop for themselves basically do the following:

  1. Organize a time for all team members to come together. You'll need at least 60 minutes
  2. Give everyone access to the workshop recording. This will help guide you through the collaborative workshop process
  3. Watch each section of the video step by step. Pause at the end of each section
  4. Take your time on each section as you work through it as a team. Ten minutes is enough time to get some good detail out, but it's short enough to keep things tight and focused. The only working sections are, Where are we now? Where do we want to be? How do we close the gap? And, Wrap up. All of the other sections are for context building only
  5. Explicitly document your ideas and actions on sticky notes or a virtual whiteboard. Use all of these to create a backlog that you can groom, prioritize and act upon
  6. Take the first tiny step towards a more ethical future, together

If you want to connect with Nate or Mat, reach out to them directly on LinkedIn.  

If people like, they can access the Mural directly here. Because this isn't a template and would require people to have Mural accounts to duplicate for their own purposes, we suggest only using this as a reference point.