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about 3 years ago

Betahack Offer: Greater Than Learning

Hi Everyone,   Nate and Mat are extending an offer to all #fixtheinternet hackathon participants. By signing up now and getting involved in the private beta, you'll get 12 months of free access (valued at $540 USD) to Greater Than Learning.    Greater Than Learning combines community-based social learning with evidence-based micro-learning to help people design more ethical products and services.   This platform is for product managers, designers, researchers, marketers, engineers, strategists and the people who directly contribute to the design and development of products and services in their daily work. This isn't death by powerpoint type stuff. This is a fundamentally different learning experience that will orient you towards ethical action. By getting involved today, Greater Than Learning can support you in your mission to #fixtheinternet.    Just click here to get started.